I did it. I have completed my first official week as a “vegan.” This southern woman, who grew up eating fried chicken and fish on a weekly basis, did not think I could do it.

I mean, let’s face it. I currently live with my mother, who is also a diabetic, but you would never know it by the items that she purchases. Everywhere you look in our kitchen; you’ll find a variety of junk foods that include cookies, chips, and a variety of other sugary, highly processed snacks.

The temptation is everywhere. It stirs me down every time I enter the kitchen. Somehow, I found inner strength that I didn’t realize that I had this week. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I found the courage to say no when in previous incidents I would have said yes.

This week proved to me that I could do anything that I set my mind to do.

Let’s recap this week:


First, I set a grocery budget of $50.00. I spent less than $30.00 on my first vegan grocery haul.





I purchased a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare meals that did not take a lot of time to create. (full food haul)

First Vegan Shopping Haul

My meal plan consisted of green juice for breakfast that included the following items: celery, bell pepper, parsley, romaine lettuce, and chia seeds. (picture of green juice)

For lunch, I ate string beans,  turnip greens with a small cucumber and tomato salad.  (picture)


Generally, for dinner, I made a smoothie or just ate some fresh vegetables.


What I am most proud of is that I kept my word regarding exercising. For the first time in years, I worked out six days straight. This week, I worked out Monday through Saturday for 30 minutes each day. Some days, I walked on the treadmill other days I worked out to a DVD.


Best of all, I saw a dramatic improvement in my morning blood sugar readings.  The second day of eating a plant-based diet, my fasting number went from 183 (the day before reading) to 147.  I was so excited to see that I was finally under 150 that I did a happy dance.

Before going on the whole food plant-based diet, I was beginning to wonder when I would see regular fasting readings again. 

I know it has only been one week since I became a vegan. But I can say that following a plant-based diet, in a short period, has made some substantial improvement in my overall health.  My blood sugar numbers have steadily declined each day. I don’t feel sluggish after eating lunch and dinner, and most importantly, I am eating more fresh fruits and vegetables in one day then I used to eat in a week.


Click the video below, to discover additional information regarding my first week following a whole food plant-based diet. 



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